Apple Music launches on Android

November 18

  Apple has launched an official Android app for its Apple Music streaming service, just over four months after its debut on iOS. The new app is available for download here:

The Spotify rival's core features have survived the translation, including its "For You" playlist and album recommendations, Beats 1 radio station and Connect social network. Android users also get access to their iTunes purchases (though not the full iTunes store). For now, the main missing feature is the ability to play music videos.

The launch should be considered a "beta" — meaning it's not necessarily the finished product. And just like on iOS (and on desktop), new users will be able to take advantage of a three-month free trial.

Apple Music costs £9.99/$9.99 a month once the trial ends, or £14.99/$14.99 for a family version. (Although you won't be able to buy a family membership from within the Android app, according to Billboard.)