Lady Gaga Refuses to Play Along

December 17

  No one will argue, that there are many artificial things in the music industry. What is presented to us from the musicians on and off the stage is so fabricated, that we can’t help but feel like that’s not who they truly are. The camera and the online world show similar picture - inauthenticity is seen from a mile away. This is what Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, AKA Lady Gaga, points in her talk at Yale University’s Emotion Revolution Summit, which was organized by the Born This Way Foundation and the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence.

Lady Gaga is a star who “has it all.” Fame, money, fortune, legacy and more, but in the video (below), we are seeing that she is not satisfied with the status quo. She speaks how her life in the music industry was feeling so shallow that she almost quit completely, and about how she got in touch with the root cause of her unhappiness. She expresses how she was not into promoting fragrances, going to parties and shaking hands with people she really didn’t care about, and making money for others while being overworked to the point of damaging her passion, creativity, and her sense of self

There is so much pressure put on music artists to do these things that have nothing to do with their art and because it “just comes with the job” it’s suppose to be OK? Gaga thinks not. Recognizing this, she started doing something so simple to get herself back in alignment with what she truly wanted. She started saying “No.” By turning down photo opportunities, not going to events, refusing to participate in causes she truly didn’t care about and more, Lady Gaga has slowly made her way back to who she really is.

She said, “…slowly but surely I started to remember who I am. And then you go home and you look in the mirror and and you think YES! I can go to bed with you, every night!” Her main message speaks directly to how fabricated our lives can seem, especially on social media. And this is the message that Lady Gaga is probably trying to spread among all of us.