Twitter will serve up Spotify links as 30-second clips

May 30

  Twitter will now let you listen to Spotify music clips right from your timeline.

The social media first launched audio cards in 2014 with iTunes previews and later worked with SoundCloud, but Spotify's music wasn't included till now.

The new partnership between Twitter and Spotify allows any tweet that contains a link to a song from the streaming service to offer a 30-second preview in your timeline. Click or tap on the song to start playing the music, or click on the little Spotify icon to play the full song.

Last week’s rollout means that you’ll probably start seeing a lot more people sharing soundbites on Twitter. Spotify partnered with Facebook to provide basically the same functionality in November.

The new audio cards makes it easier to share songs when you’re already in the middle of a playlist.

Musicians are already a huge Twitter presence, including the top three most followed accounts. Now that Twitter will stop counting URLs in character counts, conversations about music on Twitter could get much more interesting.